Visual Imagery Meditation: Powers Up Your Visualization

“Visualization is the act of willfully forming mental images. To affect material reality using visualization, form images for your subconscious mind to use as patterns to work from” ~ James Goi Jr.

There’s an old saying, “The body won’t go where the mind has not gone first”. When we imagine something intensely, our subconscious mind processes it like a reality rather than an imagination.

The stronger the image, the more helpful and creative your subconscious will be, in helping you turn your imagination into reality. As it said that- “When you Visualize, then you Materialize”.

A clearer and sharper mental image of something you want acts as a roadmap for your subconscious. Following this roadmap, you get closer and closer towards achieving your goal.

Visualization is a powerful tool that can help you to materialize your dreams and turn them into reality. This is a commonly used tool by anyone practicing the law of attraction.  Meditation is the best way to develop a powerful visualization.

Ready to learn how to practice visualization so that your dreams can come true? Below is the “Visual Imagery Meditation Technique” to enhance your visualization power.

Visual Imagery Meditation

This form of mediation involves drawing the visual images, of something you want, in your head using a sense of feeling, seeing, sensing, smelling, hearing, and experiencing. Imagine the best possible scenario and picture yourself drifting into this dreamlike visualization.

To visualize better, focus all of your energies and emotions into this visual image you are drawing in your head. If you make meditation a part of your daily routine, your visualization power will get stronger day by day. The stronger the visualization, the greater the chances of turning your dreams into reality.

4 Steps To Visual Imagery Meditation:

Step 1: Knowing What You Want

The first thing you should know before meditating is, “What do you really want?

If you know what you want, then is it important enough for you to utilize all of your energies to attain it? If yes, then Congratulations! You have already completed the first step.

But if the answer to this question is no, then give yourself more time to find out something worthy of all your focus and energies. Daydream it frequently to make it clear to you.

For example, if you want a house, then what should be its location? What should be its infrastructure? Should it have a swimming pool or a garage? How many floors should it have? How many bedrooms are there in the house?

Go on asking yourself enough questions to make a realistic and desired image of your house in your head. The clarity of the mental image depends on the clarity of your requirements/desires. Vague images won’t help you in anyway.

For me, I find it hard to visualize what I want in my mind so I’ll go online to search for the image of my dream house. ‘YouTube’ is my favorite go-to place for research because you can find even a tour of houses put up by property agents.

This helps me to find the dream house that I want and visualize it in my head. In fact, it does not have be a house that you want. You can easily find images or videos of anything your heart desires such as car models, yachts, holidays, etc.

Step 2: Prepare for Meditation

After getting certain about your goals, get ready to manifest your goals in your head. Prepare yourself to start your visual imagery meditation. Remember that a well-prepared person can imagine things better.

There’s no specific time to meditate. You can meditate any time you want. But meditation is usually practiced on an empty stomach to carry out successful meditation sessions.

If you are too hungry though, you may want to feed yourself a little like a glass of milk or juice before you start meditating so that you do not end up focusing on your stomach instead!

You need to choose a peaceful and tranquil place to meditate. Put on a comfortable attire. Get Relaxed. Remove all the disturbances and make up your mind to meditate for at least 15 minutes.

If you have children, make sure to have someone to take care of them so that you do not get disturbed when you’re meditating. You want to ensure that you have your full attention on your meditation process.

Step 3: The Meditation Journey

Get yourself in a comfortable posture. You can either sit or lie down as per your ease. Relax and calm your mind. However, make sure you do not get so relaxed that you fall asleep!

Now close your eyes and take a deep breath. As you breathe in, expand your abdomen outwards.

As you exhale, keep your chest still and allow your stomach to sink.

Breathe in and out in a similar pattern for 5-6 times. Then start breathing normally. This will help you release stress and you will feel calm and relaxed.

You want to make sure that your mind is not bogged down with responsibilities and other stresses. That way you’ll not be able to relax and properly visualize.

Now, draw a picture of your desired future in your head and paint yourself in this future. Imagine your future self as vividly as possible.

Imagine that your dream has turned into a reality. Visualize your desired professional life. For example, if your aim is to become a CEO or the head of a big company, portray yourself heading a meeting of the board of directors or a press conference.

Envision your desired love life. Imagine yourself enjoying yourself with the love of your life, traveling with them to unusual and romantic places, spending quality time with them. See in your mind the joy that you’re feeling with your loved ones.

Picture your dream home. Remember that dream house you’ve always wanted? Hold it close in your mind. Imagine yourself paying for it with cash as you have an abundance of wealth and living in the beautiful home with your family. See your children running around in the house while you look on lovingly.

Try to feel everything you imagine realistically as if you’re actually doing all these things. This scenery must be full of colors, feelings, emotions, and happiness to make it as close as possible to real-life experiences.

Spend 10-15 minutes visualizing your desired life.

Step 4: Ending the Meditation

When you are about to end your meditation, do it slowly. Don’t halt your imagination all at once. Because stopping abruptly would ruin the meditation completely.

Give yourself 1-2 minutes, and transition gradually from a visual world into reality.

Slowly shift your focus from the imaginary world into the real world. Gain your consciousness and get aware of your surroundings. Now move your upper body slowly i.e. your head, neck, and shoulders. Twist your upper body gently and open your eyes slowly.

Welcome back to the real world!

To maximize the results, make visual imagery mediation a part of your everyday routine. You must keep practicing this until you’ve achieve yours goals.

Final Thoughts

Visual imagery is a very powerful meditation tool to help you turn your dreams into reality. However, sometimes it may take a while to work.

Another way of practicing your visualization is to create a vision board where you put up images of the things you desire to have in your life. You can cut out pictures from magazines or print out from computer. Then paste them on the board and put it up where you can see it daily so that it’ll motivate you to achieve your dreams.

If you feel like you aren’t making any progress, don’t be impatient to lose hope quickly. Just keep practicing. In a little time, you’ll notice visible changes in your life as your visualization will start materializing the life you always desired for.

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