How to be Successful in Life

How To Be Successful In Life: Know Why You Failed

If we know , we can manifest our wants into reality at our fingertips. Failing to apply the correct method to attract our dream can only lead us to face more setbacks.

Why You Are Not Manifesting What You Want?

Why are there still so many people struggling with their lives if everything is at our fingertips? There are a vast majority of people in this world who are not happy with their current financial situation, with their careers, with their body or with their relationship.

Why do most people failed to achieve what they are pursuing? Well, most of these people mistakenly think that they know how to be successful in life. Even if they know, they are neither taking any appropriate action nor thinking positively about their future.

Failed To Take Action

A dream will never manifest into reality if action is not taken. For example, if your dream is to build a career in a finance company but you are not even taking the first step to write your resume and look out for any vacancy, how on earth are you going to land in your dream career?

To be fair, there are people who work very hard to pursue their dreams, but they just cannot make it to where they want to be or what they want to achieve. There are cases where people just need to change their strategy and they will make it but a lot of them would simply do the same thing repeatedly. Needless to say, by doing the same thing, you can only expect the same result.

Constantly Thinking Negatively

There is this another big group of people who unintentionally and consistently sabotaging themselves by thinking negatively. For instance, they can be placing a lot of negative pictures in their mind constantly like failing to get a promotion, breaking up relationships, failing an examination, failing to find a romance, or getting rejected by a customer. They think negatively and hence they attract negative results. This is a principle of the law of attraction.

It is not surprising to know that many people never heard of the law of attraction. There are also others who have some idea of this law, yet still cannot effectively apply it to achieve their dreams.

Whether you believe it or not, the law of attraction is a science that is already in effect— we can either learn to understand it so as to align our behavior to it or remain ignorant of it and continue to struggle as a result of that ignorance.

Take a deeper look into the reasons why most of us failed to achieve what we want in life, why the law of attraction just doesn’t work for us.

The Reality Is The Reflection Of Your Inner World

The world we are living in, the situation we are in, and how we are feeling now are the reflection of our inner world. You will be experiencing harmony in the outer world if your inner world is in harmony. You will find your life in perfect harmony when everything fit perfectly into place.

On the other hand, life will feel like a never-ending struggle if our inner world is not in harmony and is constantly dominated by negative emotions like fear, anger, frustration, doubt, hate, jealousy, and guilt. As such, you will experience defeat in life, lose confidence and self-esteem, and ultimately choose a life of limitation.

Although it is at times impossible to change things that happen outside or control the situation, it is undoubtedly possible to change and control what happens within yourself. Bear in mind, the law of attraction will not work in your favor if you cannot bring your inner world in harmony.

The Brutal Cycle of Failure

It is inevitable to treat failure as part and parcel of life if you are learning how to be successful in life.. As a matter of fact, if you never once experience in life, you may not know the true meaning of being resilient and determined. To many self-growth experts, failing is nothing but a necessary part of life to help one become stronger, wiser, and better.

It is vital for us to learn to accept failure in life and take it as a lesson learned. When we see our failure as the end of the world and refuse to start afresh, we are in a way telling ourselves that we deserve failures and as such reinforce this wrong belief. This is extremely undesirable because as our negative belief becomes stronger, we will naturally keep focusing on failures.

To exacerbate the already bad situation, we direct all our focus on how to avoid failures, rather than concentrating on how to pursue success. Since negatives beget negatives, we will be receiving more failures because we are unwittingly asking for it.

In this manner, our negative beliefs gradually become powerful and we will unconsciously begin to accept the fact that we are destined to fail in whatever we do. We involuntarily expect a loss, and it grows into a self-fulfilling prophecy. Consequently, we become ensnared in a brutal cycle of failure even if you know how to be successful in life.

However, if we had a positive core belief that we would be successful, and if that belief was enhanced by successful events, our subconscious mind would be naturally convinced that we are destined to be successful. With the constant focus on pursuing success, we will be receiving more success because we are constantly asking for it.

As you can see, we are creating our future out of our beliefs. It is our inveterate beliefs that bring forth all the negative or positive occurrences we encounter in our everyday lives. And this process comes out of this basic rule, ‘like attracts like”.

Having said that, there are times when even a positive mindset can fail to get the desired outcome. Below are the reasons why the law of attraction did not work even if you possessed a positive mindset.

You Don’t Have The Fervent Desire to Do What It Takes

You will not manifest your desires by simply believing in your dreams. All talk and no action will not take you anywhere. Achieving a life goal requires action and not just thinking and talking about it. If you do not have the fervent desire to do what it takes to achieve your dream, you will not be able to attain it.

You Are Not Persistent Enough

When you are pursuing your dream life, you have to completely trust the process. Success does not happen overnight, and manifestation can take time. If you lose your patience and choose to quit, the process will cease. Therefore, have faith in your vision, trust the process, and stay persistent.

You are Wasting Too Much Time Anticipating

To achieve your dream goals in life using the law of attraction should not be complicated. Set your objective right and know exactly what you want. You must believe in your abilities, trust the universe, practice manifestation techniques, and continue to work on your goal. Leave the rest to the Universe. If you have a very big dream, it is natural that you would make assumptions about the likely ways the universe can help to manifest for you. Stop wasting your time anticipating and allow the universe to work it out.

Wrap Up

Attempting to understand how the universe’s ways of manifesting your dream life may impede your process of pursuing your goals. Honestly, is not a difficult task, simply place firmly the vision in your mind, continue to work hard on your goal, and stay persistent. Your vision will manifest into your reality.

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