How to Manifest your Desires

How To Manifest Your Desires Using Relaxation Exercise?

If you want to learn how to manifest your desires, it is important to first . It is only with a calm mind that you can vividly visualize your dreams, which will in turn help you to manifest them into reality.

Try to visualize your mind as a lake, while thoughts can look like the wind. It is obvious that wind can affect water. But when it’s not windy, you won’t see any waves; besides, water will be so still and clean that it will be possible to see the whole beauty of the underwater world.

But imagine what happens when it is windy. The lake will be full of waves and the water will look moody so that it won’t be possible to see the reflection of yourself. The same things can happen if your mind is agitated, its condition may be similar to that of the wavy lake’s.

It is impossible to attract the vision when the mind is overwhelmed with thoughts. If you want to improve the situation, you should make your mind calm and transparent.

This article will teach you how to manifest your desires using a step-by-step relaxation exercise, which will help to make your mind still and get victory in the manifestation game.

Relaxing Into Meditation

First of all, it is important to find a position which is comfortable for you. It doesn’t matter if you are lying or sitting, the main point is that you should feel relaxed and there should be no one else around you.

If you truly like to learn how to manifest your desires effectively, you must invest some time into doing this exercise. The relaxation exercise can take from 15 to 25 minutes, so do it only when you have enough time. You do not want to rush into it or have to keep worrying about your next appointment. You want to keep your mind relax.

Choose a comfortable outfit. Take off your shoes. There should not be anything bothering you, be it physically or mentally.

When you feel that you are prepared, take a deep breath through your abdominal cavity, don’t be in a hurry. Hold your breath for not less than 5 seconds, then breathe out really slowly. Take a breath again, watch the expansion of your body. Exhale and feel the contraction of your body. Don’t forget to maintain the natural breathing process during every step.

This exercise will make you feel relaxed by paying attention to each part of your body. You will get to the feeling of calmness in your whole body as a result.

Now close your eyes and breath carefully and naturally. You should make your body relaxed step by step starting from your feet and ending with your head.

The first point is to get a tranquil feeling in your feet. What do you feel in this part of your body right now? Is it warmth or coldness? Do you feel any vibration or sensation? It doesn’t matter what exactly you feel right now, just let your feet feel calmer with every single breath. Your heels should lay on the floor. Allow them to feel the contact with the ground.

Go higher, focusing on your ankles. Feel them. Inhale and exhale naturally trying to tranquil your ankles every time.

Think about your calves and the back of your knees. Is there any prickling sensation? Inhale, paying attention to these parts of your body and let your calves become limp. Don’t do it harshly, just send some intention.

It is time to pay attention to your knees. Feel every sensation, be careful. Inhale and let it go. If there is an emptiness in any part, don’t force, it is a normal condition. Breathe in and breathe out from 5 to 10 seconds concentrating on each part.

It is time to focus on hamstrings. If they are touching the ground then feel this contact, send an intention with your breath and try to make the hamstrings more relaxed with every breath.

It is important to concentrate on the thighs. Feel every sensation that you have. Focus on it and make natural breathing. Feel tranquility in this area every time when you exhale.

Now move your focus to the buttocks. The gluteal muscles can collapse, so breath focusing on these muscles.

Pay attention to the pelvic area, breath naturally. If you have any sensation don’t force it to disappear. Just breathe calmly letting it become relaxed. Don’t forget that when you are focusing on a specific area, the body makes this area relaxed.

Go on. It is time to relax your abdomen. This part of the body is unique. Sometimes when we are emotional there can be a vibration in it. If it is happening with you now and you feel any sensation, just let it go and try to relax your abdomen through natural breathing.

Pay attention to the lumbar. Try to feel tranquility in this area. Breathe in and breathe out, focusing on it for 5 seconds at least.

It is time to focus on your chest. Notice the expansion of the chest when you inhale and the contraction when you exhale. Imagine that the ice is melting in the lake, think about it trying to relax the muscles in your chest.

Move to the upper back area. Feel your back muscles, backbone and shoulder blades. Inhale and exhale for 5 seconds, make this area calm.

Finally, it is time to focus on the hands. Start from the fingers, then move step by step to the palms, wrists, forearms, and elbows. Feel every part of your hands. Focus on the fingers and palms for 10 seconds. Use 5 seconds thinking about your forearms and elbows. Breath naturally.

Move your focus to the area that is opposite to the elbows. This area has different muscles, such as biceps, triceps, armpit muscles. Inhale and exhale slowly, make these muscles relaxed.

Now come to the shoulders. Feel every sensation, breathe out carefully trying to relax your shoulders.

The next part is your throat. Try to ease the tension if you have one with every single breath. It’s time to move on.

Our faces can show what is going on in our minds. Our emotions and conditions are easy to understand as they are shown on the face. Every person has 42 facial muscles that can connect with each other and create many different facial expressions.

So pay attention to your face now. Spend at least 5 seconds focusing on your chin, jaw, lips coming from one area to another step by step. Focus on your nose and be very attentive. Feel this cooling effect when you breathe in and the warming one when you breathe out. Pay attention to your nasal bridge.

Move to the cheeks and cheekbones. Inhale and try to make your cheeks tranquil. Feel every tension and vibration that you have in your ears. Allow them to become more relaxed after every breath.

Pay attention to the eyes. Make sure you calm this area. The eyelids are resting on the eyeballs, while eyeballs are resting in the orbit.

Finally, feel your head coming step by step from the skull bone to the scalp muscles and then to the hair. After that, focus on your brain, try to make muscles relaxed as you are resting your focus on them.

Now your body is relaxed fully. Feel it.

After 20 seconds, you should make several breaths. Now open your eyes. Make a good stretching for your body. After this exercise, you will be relaxed and fresh.

Final Thoughts

So what should you do next?

It’s now time for you to consider how do you want to manifest your desires to the universe? With a clear mind, you’re now in a to visualize your dreams and tell the universe what you want.

As your mind is now clear, you’ll have a more vivid picture of what you want from the universe and will be able to clearly communicate what you really want. do not expect to manifest your desires overnight or you may be disappointed. All you need to do after that is to make sure that you have faith and take action when the opportunities come knocking on your door to path the way to your dream.

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