How to Manifest Good Health

How to Manifest Good Health

Having a healthy body is extremely important and that is why it is a smart step to learn how to manifest good health. You will be able to apply the law of attraction in all major aspects of life including pursuing your health goals if you learn to unleash it. No matter if you are longing to lose weight, get in ideal shape, or enhance your overall health, there are specific manifestation tools that you can use to achieve your desired health condition.

Setting Specific Health Goals

It is advisable to set specific health goals when using the law of attraction for good health. Do not make your health goal a vague statement like “I intend to eat healthily” or “I want to get slim”. Not being specific in what one wants is a common mistake many people make. Setting a clear health goal is extremely exciting and it helps you to direct your energies and focus on areas of your health you would like to change.

Setting Measurable Health Goals

Apart from being specific, you need to make your goals measurable. For instance, rather than making the statement, “getting in perfect shape” your goal, use statements like, “enrolling in a gym and working out three days a week for the next 3 months”. The second statement will set you into action and you will be able to see that you are achieving the target. Set these measurable goals along with a schedule for accomplishing them.

Set Realistic Goals

Ensure the goals you set are realistic to prevent disappointment you may get when you fail to make the desired progress. Unrealistic goals like “working out in a gym 7 days a week” can be overdoing it. Your body may not be able to take the stress, especially for those new to working out.

Reward Yourself

To add on to your motivation, you may think about some rewards for yourself when you accomplish each goal. Give yourself a break and do something you love.

Vision Board

Vision board is a great tool to help you in your learning process on how to manifest good health. Making use of a vision board to boost your motivation is a terrific idea.

A vision board is simply a piece of poster board that contains either a collection of words or pictures or even both. Vision board can evoke the feelings you associate with the things you yearn to achieve. You can fill up the board with some cut-out pictures and inspirational quotes that best represent your goal.

For example, you can add images of some models or celebrities with the level of fitness that you aim to achieve. Place or hang the board somewhere you can see it daily and invest a few minutes a day to simply look at the board.

Using Mental Imagery and Affirmations

Mental imagery usually known as “visualization” is a key part of when you learn how to manifest good health. Visualization in the form of meditation will create in you a force of energy that will bring about the changes you need to achieve your health goal.

Steps to Effective Visualization

  • Find a quiet place and sit comfortably for several minutes. Make sure there is no distraction.
  • Close your eyes and slowly take in few deep breaths. Taking deep breaths will calm your mind and make you feel relax.
  • Imagine yourself sitting in a movie theatre. Visualize activating the screen by pressing a push-button on your seat’s armrest.
  • The movie begins and you are the main character of the show. Imagine every little detail vividly. Bear in mind to bring color and sound to the movie.
  • Visualize yourself pressing another button on the armrest that opens a door in the screen.
  • Picture yourself in the mind that you walk up to the screen and enter into the movie.

Example 1

Imagine you have a goal to reduce substantially on the high-calorie fast foods from your diet and eat healthily.

Visualize a situation that makes you vulnerable to cravings of this type of food. For instance, you have all your favorite high-calorie foods in front of you and you are hungry. Watch the color as well as smell the delicious aromas coming from the foods.

Let the craving grow, do not attempt to fight it. Now envision yourself, pushing those foods away from you, and start enjoying a bowl of healthy salads. Similarly, bring sensory properties like color, smell, and taste.

Feel and believe strongly that you have a strong metabolic system, and the food you are consuming supports your muscular growth and keeps your body healthy and fit. Enjoy eating healthy food with all your senses.

Do bear in mind that you are not an audience watching a movie. You are in the movie and envision yourself as a first-person.

Example 2

Now if your goal is to get yourself in perfect shape, picture yourself working out hard in the gym. Visualize the surrounding of your gym and the exercise equipment like racks of dumbbells, stakes of iron plates, and rows of machines.

Imagine yourself working out hard on every exercise— every set and every rep…feel your lean body and tight skin. Imagine the faultless performance— feel the sweat trickling down your back, the burning of the body fats, the breathing getting heavier, and the gripping of the weights.

Watch in your mind that your body is progressively transforming into the perfect shape as you are performing the exercises.

Now imagine standing before a mirror. You are looking fit and perfect with your ideal weight. Appreciate your transformed appearance and repeat the following positive affirmations:

  • I love and accept myself
  • I take constant action to achieve my ideal body shape.
  • I have whatever it takes to make a positive transformation in my life
  • I am sensible in mind, body, and spirit.
  • I always brave through the pain
  • Every day I am moving closer to achieving my perfect body
  • I spontaneously get rid of the desire to eat foods that are bad for my body
  • I am confident with my new appearance.

Wrap Up

All in all, learning how to manifest good health is not impossible. Master the steps in visualization and take consistent action. On top of that, it will be a splendid idea to devote more time thinking about the best of health if you want to use the energy of attraction to achieve desired fitness. Avoid thinking about illness and an unhealthy lifestyle. Always remember this – the law of attraction responds to your thoughts.

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