How to Manifest Money

How To Manifest Money In 3 Easy Steps

Money is central to almost everything in life. That money answereth all things isn’t an empty statement, but rather it shows its overriding influence as the single most crucial commodity that everyone desires. So it is not surprising that knowing is something that everyone wants to learn.

It is the desire to be financially free that a lot of people seek the law of attraction as a manifestation tool to attract financial prosperity. Although anyone can use manifestation tools to attract success in finances, if you want to attain abundance, you’ll need to exhibit lots of patience, determination, hard work as well as dedication.

Believing in yourself in your efforts to achieve your dreams of abundance makes the universe supportive of what you seek. Self-belief gives you the ability to hold on to your goals without falter, and ultimately success will beckon. The law of attraction requires that you keep your eyes on the prize and take actions to achieve your goals.

Before you can achieve financial prosperity, you have to know that the journey starts from within you. Essentially, your state of mind is the custodian of the wealth you seek; you have to learn to fix your thought on abundance to manifest in the physical world in order to change your life eternally.

It is essential to know that you become the way you think. Your thoughts towards money can make you become successful or drive success away from you. The difference between the poor and the rich is their attitude towards money.

Thus, how do you develop financial abundance thinking habits?

You can learn how to manifest money in 3 easy steps…

1. Have your “Financial Thermostat” set up

Before you can attain financial abundance, you have to adjust the way you think about money, i.e. having the right financial thermostat set up. Most people are not successful despite putting so much effort into their works because of the wrong financial mentality they learned growing up.

You may not believe this but a study shows that 70 percent of lottery winners incredibly lose all their earnings despite winning so much money. In contrast, the same amount of money would make some other persons with the right attitude towards money more prosperous.

The truth is that you cannot be richer than what your mind thinks it needs. It is all about adjusting your financial thermostat to see millions or billions and not thousands as a comfortable amount it can cope with. Otherwise, any amount outside of what your financial thermostat feels comfortable handling is where you will be.

It will help if you take a little exercise on setting your financial thermostat. Decide how much you want to have to be comfortable in life. Do you need a six-figure or seven-figure income each money? Adjust your financial thermostat according to the amount you chose.

As you go about getting money, when your mind feels that you don’t need it, you would encounter negative thoughts with positive ones to justify whether you deserve it. Whenever you feel negative thoughts arising in your mind, keep enforcing on your right to financial abundance and escape the vicious circle of self-limiting belief about money.

In other words, you’ve to keep telling yourself that “I deserve financial freedom!” and focus on the positive thoughts instead.

2. Establish healthy money connectivity

When you lack a healthy money relationship, it will be tough to have a steady strategy for money. You will find that you spend more than you make. This attitude means you don’t see money as a friend to be with. Instead, you feel frustrated and fearful when thinking about money and you want to send it away.

When you lack friendship habits with money, you are paving the way for a life of lack. Of course, your unfriendly attitude towards having more money makes you think more of scarcity than abundance. By focusing more on insufficiency, you are only attracting more lack into your life. The law of attraction believes that like attracts like, so you’ll get what your mind is focused on.

The more worried you are about the lack of money, the more stressed up you’ll be, which will in turn cause even more stress! Having a certain amount of stress in your life may be useful to push you forward but excessive amount of it will only cause you frustration and negativity. Learning how to relax will help to ease off your stress and bring back more positivity into your life.

So if you want to know , you’ve to learn to set your financial thermostat. One way to set it up is to study your attitude towards money and the image of it you have created in your mind. By doing this, you can change from a negative money mindset to financial positivity.

Please don’t hold it against yourself for all the previous negative attitude you’ve had towards money. Everyone has a fair share of negative money attitudes in the past. Consider it as a period of ignorance of how money really works.

Your failure to forgive yourself would hinder your progress on your journey to abundance. Let bygone be bygone about your mistakes towards wealth and focus on your new positive money attitude instead.

You should not get discouraged because of your fear of money; face and overcome it! Take the time to go over your spending and savings and ensure you have better money management that shows you are friends and not foes.

You can engrave a positive money attitude on your mind through affirmation. The following declarations will help you become friends with money:

  • The universe always supply the money I need
  • I’m consciously delighted and positive about money
  • I love money and money loves me in return
  • There are no limits to how much money I can possess in my lifetime
  • I have a thriving relationship with money

3. Having Rich Habits

We are beings of habits, and each habit shapes our everyday life and activities. Your habits shape your future even without you realizing it. Your habits can make or break you and also condition your level of abundance. If you desire to learn how to manifest money into your life, you should choose productive habits and run from anything otherwise.

To help you maintain rich habits, grab a piece of paper, and make two columns. In the first column, list all the negative daily habits. List all your positive daily habits towards abundance in the second column.

Here is an example you can use:

Bad Daily HabitsGood Daily Habits
I sleep late each night.I go to bed early every night.
I never exercise regularly.I work out for 30 minutes each day.
I always procrastinate.I plan my daily schedule and follow it strictly.
I am a convulsive junk food eater.I eat healthily every day.
I use the cell phone before bedtime daily.I read self-help books before I go to bed.

Final Thoughts

It is not hard to build a lasting friendship with money in order to live in financial abundance. However, you do need to work on it one step at a time. It’s not hard but it definitely does not mean there’s no work needed when you’re trying to shift your mindset to abundance from one of scarcity. It’s a vital step if you want to know .

What you need is to set your financial thermostat to have a positive mindset towards money. Once you’ve achieved a friendly relationship with money, the universe will order your paths and show you the way towards your financial goals.

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