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Manifestation Ritual: The Right Brainwaves

The relationship between positive manifestation and an important manifestation ritual – entering the right brainwaves is truly intrigued. In fact, it is one of the fascinating and popular topics among many law of attraction followers in recent years. You might have read before about the benefits of lower brainwaves frequency. However, do you know it is possible to get yourself aligned with the intention of the soul using the lower frequency brainwaves?

Many law of attraction devotees believe that attaining lower frequency brainwaves is possible. It is believed that through practicing meditation or using brainwave entertainment tools, one can achieve lower brainwaves frequency. In order to achieve immediate relaxation and to enter a deeper state of consciousness, many have started to use one of the best tools – brainwave meditation. Entering a deeper state of consciousness is to communicate effectively with the Universe

If you have ever read about self-improvement books or articles about the subconscious mind, you should know that our subconscious thoughts and beliefs are key factors contributing to our success, but do you know that the oscillating electrical impulses in our brain also play a key part in our quest for fulfillment?

In order to complete this manifestation ritual, it is crucial to understand what exactly are brainwaves, and what is their relationship to successful manifestation. We will learn and understand more about it as we move along.

What are Brainwaves?

The human brain houses a tight network of billions of neurons or nerve cells communicating with one another, producing oscillating electrical voltage as well as generating an overall electric field. These highly specialized nerve cells are responsible for transmitting information throughout our bodies in both chemical and electrical forms. The synchronized electrical pulses create waves that can be detectable with modern medical equipment such as electroencephalography (EEG).

The thoughts in our mind and emotions we are feeling are formed in this electric field. Different brainwaves are triggered by different thoughts and emotions in us. Some brainwaves can make you feel both alert and active, while others can make you feel both tired and slow.

Our brain is indubitably an electrochemical organ. The brainwaves created is a measurement of electrical activity within our brain rather than a physical thing. In fact, there are five different kinds of brainwaves that have been identified by scientists, and they range from low to high frequency.

Different brainwaves stand for different activities happening in the brain. It is essential to bear in mind that our brainwaves are not the source of our thoughts or experiences, they are rather the detectable reflection of processes occurring within the human brain when one thinks, feels, and acts.

The Five Types of Brainwaves

  1. Gamma Brainwaves (30-100Hz)

These brainwaves are known to be the fastest measurable brainwaves and they are equated to the highest mental activity. Brainwaves are raised to the gamma frequency when you are learning new information, memorizing complex details, processing a lot of new information at one time, or doing something that requires a lot of concentration and focus.

  1. Beta Brainwaves (14-40Hz)

We are experiencing beta brainwaves when we are wide-awake, alert, and need to do active thinking. Although this state is not as fast as gamma, Beta waves dominate our brain when we are reading, working, making decisions, judging, and socializing. The neurons fire abundantly at this level as we direct our attention towards cognitive tasks and the outside world.

  1. Alpha Brainwaves (8-13Hz)

Have you tried being mindful, calm, and relax? You are experiencing the Alpha brainwaves when yourself into a deeper state of mind. Meditation and binaural beats are some great ways you can use to help your brain produce alpha waves. We are in the alpha waves when our body and mind enter a relaxed state and we visualize our dreamed future to attract the things we desire.

  1. Theta Brainwaves (4-7.5Hz)

We experience the theta state during that short period when we are about to drift off to sleep or when we are about to wake up. Some very highly experienced meditation practitioners can also enter this range of frequency when they are in a deep meditative state.

  1. Delta Brainwaves (0.5-4Hz)

Even slower than theta brainwaves are the Delta brainwaves. You are at this level of slow but loud brainwaves when you are in the deepest stages of sleep. During this usually dreamless stage of sleep, the brain and body are undergoing healing and rejuvenation. A master who is adept at Meditation can enter into this realm when they are in an extremely deep, transcendental meditation.

Meditate to Access the Different Brainwaves

This vital manifestation ritual is not an impossible process as many people have thought. Anyone can learn and practice to allow their body and mind to access different states of brainwaves. Although our involuntary nervous system or autonomic nervous system control Brainwaves frequencies, we can invest more time to learn and practice to train our mind to enter into a deep meditative state and we will be able to voluntarily control the frequencies of our brainwaves.

If we are able to control our brainwaves, we can easily and effectively reprogram our subconscious and unconscious mind in order to attract our wants. The following is a common mindfulness meditation exercise to help attain alpha state and eventually move on to the deeper state of Delta.

Meditation Exercise

  • The very first step is to prepare our body and mind for the meditation session. What we can do is take a little time to allow our body to get into a comfortable posture. Keep the back straight but bear in mind not to strain any part of the body. Relax and allow the shoulders to soften. Close your eyes slowly and softly.
  • Make sure that the entire body, from head to toes, softens and relaxes. As the body gradually relaxes, start focusing on your breathing and you should also notice the calmness and gentleness of your breathing. You will slowly notice how your body and mind gradually release all your tensions as you get into a comfortable rhythm for your breathing.
  • Avoid controlling the way and speed of your inhalation and exhalation. Be mindful to breathe normally. Thoughts can arise and it is natural so just let them pass and bring your focus back to your breath. Avoid getting yourself to intentionally block or eliminate the intrusion of thoughts, you may get annoyed.
  • Apart from the intrusion of thoughts, you may also notice feelings or emotions arising. Just make note of the feeling or emotion that you are experiencing right now, then slowly let them go. Return to focus on your breathing so as to fulfill this manifestation ritual.

With consistent practice daily, you will be able to calm your mind down easily. When the activity of the brain has slowed down below 13 cycles per second, you know you enter alpha waves. You would feel extremely calm.

Wrap Up

This is one manifestation ritual that must not be skipped. As you continue to follow through and get into a deep meditative state by focusing on nothing but your breathing, you will soon allow the mind will go beyond the movement of thoughts and expand to infinity. You will gradually enter the theta state. In this state, as the brain is becoming extremely receptive to self-suggestions, the mind also becomes aware of its infinite potentials. You will unlock a life of no limitations.

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