Positive Affirmations

Guide To Positive Affirmations

By utilizing autosuggestions or positive assertions you may be able to subliminally condition your mind into believing in your unlimited potential. It is considered to be an amazing psychological trick that not only counteracts the negative thoughts in your mind but also positively rewires your thoughts.

Practicing positive affirmations allows you to consciously utilize some words that are likely to assist you in positively rebuilding your life or aid you in getting rid of something negative. You tend to hold the vision of self-transformation in your mind by stating the affirmative words.

For your intentions to be considered the truth, you should make positive affirmations to the universe itself. Positive declarations have aided multitudes of people all over the world in making substantial changes to their lives.

How Does It Work?

We can control our subconscious minds by using affirmations to overcome what may be physically or mentally hampering us. Practicing positive declarations essentially involves repeatedly stating some statements. As we reiterate these assertions, our mind establishes new neural pathways and at the same time reinforces them. These powerful statements develop dynamic tensions within our minds and bodies. Eventually, our minds end up believing in these declarations which later allows them to manifest.

What Are the Techniques of Utilizing Assertions?

There are quite a few ways you can use affirmations. The techniques are namely:

  • Noting them-down method
  • Stating them-out loud method
  • Reiterating them-in-your mind method
  • Stating them-into-a-recorder-then listening to them afterward method
  • Having someone else-reiterate-the-affirmations method

Writing down affirmations is widely preferred because it allows you to comfortably perform it with little to no hassle. It is critical that while you undertake reciting affirmations, you should be as peaceful as you possibly can. Noting down 3 to 10 assertions is enough for a single sitting. You can also choose to type down the affirmations on your desktop.

Stating the affirmations out loud has also proven to be an effective technique. If you opt for this method, then you should consider practicing while facing a mirror. It works considerably way better when you make eye with yourself as you reiterate the affirmations. You must say these statements some level of conviction. You can achieve this by using the following simple technique. First speak slowly so that you allow your mind to completely comprehend the true meaning of the message. Proceed with a calmer voice while not rushing it as well as avoid practicing it with any distaste in mind. The experience should be like how you would converse with a good friend. Essentially try to be kind, loving and nurturing.

You can also choose to say the affirmations in your mind if you feel uncomfortable saying them aloud. The major advantage of this option is that you can perform it wherever you are and whenever you feel like doing it. Recording the affirmations is another method. It essentially entails recording the statements onto an audio recorder then listening to your recorded voice on repeat. If you would like to hasten and maximize the results, then consider listening to the recordings as you fall asleep. You can also request one of your friends or get a coach to repeat the affirmative statements to you. They should state it in the following manner, “You (and not “I am”) are of sound mind, body and spirit.”

How Do You Repeat the Affirmative Statements?

Asserting affirmations is often calming and reassuring as you let go of your limiting views.

As you reiterate the positive affirmation I would like you to mentally picture yourself gathering all your negative and hampering beliefs into a bag and proceed to dump them into a river that would gradually but certainly carry them away.

Here are a few amazing positive affirmations you can start on.

  • I am realizing my life’s work.
  • I have total belief in my capabilities
  • I love and accept myself.
  • I have all I need to take positive steps in my life.
  • I am of sane mind, body and soul.
  • I deserve to enjoy affluence and prosperity in my life.
  • I make conscious decisions.
  • I utilize what I am given maximumly.
  • I deserve love and respect.
  • I have control over my reality.
  • I am receiving unending tidings.
  • All areas of my life are rich.
  • I have an awesome body.
  • My ability to overcome challenges is infinite.
  • I am prone to laughter.
  • Nothing is impossible for me.
  • I am as important and good as anyone else.
  • I am subject to the law of attraction
  • I have confidence in my body
  • I have limitless potential to be successful
  • I enjoy being myself
  • All I do is intended to be good.
  • I am attracting more money into my life.

Final Thoughts

Practicing positive affirmations daily allows you to remain focused and motivated by regularly reminding you of their importance. It will also aid you in being alert to opportunities that may assist you in achieving your life goals.

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