How does the law of attraction work

How Does The Law of Attraction Work?

Have you ever wondered how does the law of attraction work?

The Law of Attraction is one of the Universal Laws, and this Law is always functioning, no matter if you believe in it or not. According to the Law of Attraction, we are constantly in the process of attracting and manifesting different things, situations, and people, to our life.

Depending on our thoughts, our focus, our emotions, and our vibration, we can attract and manifest positive or negative things. This all depends on the way you think. In other words, the focus of your mental energy.

It does not matter how old you are, how much money you make or what your personality type is, the Law of Attraction is available to everyone. What you dwell on in your thought, the Universe will manifest it in your life.

Thus, if we choose to focus on the positive things in our life, we will feel good. At the same time, we will vibrate high on the emotional guidance scale. When our vibration is high, that is when we are attracting and manifesting all the things that we want in our life.

On the other hand, if we choose to focus on the negative things in our life, we will feel bad and our vibration will be placed low on the emotional guidance scale. With that low vibration, we will miss out from all the things that we want to experience.

What this means is that your thoughts will take root and you will in turn tap into the LOA to cause something to happen. To a certain degree, it is your action that help to determine the outcome of any situation or event that happens in your life.

This is because the Universe will take the thoughts that are going through your mind and combine them with the metaphysical stage. Thus, if all you think about each day is negative thoughts, then it is no wonder that you keep getting more negative things happening to you – because you are attracting them into your life!

It is therefore very likely that even as you wonder how does the Law of Attraction work, you have already used it in your life but you are unaware of it. It is because of this law that you see a cause and effect happening in your life.

So, does it mean that you are destined to lead a life of unhappiness, frustration and poverty because that’s how life had been for you?

Definitely not!

There is still time for you to shift your focus and turn the negativity around in your life. You have to make a conscious effort to focus on the positive thoughts instead.

How? You may be asking, especially if you have lots of bills left unpaid.

It is still possible to shift your thoughts to positive ones even if life seems bleak to you at present. For instance, if you have a lot of bills that are unpaid, you may be thinking about it all the time, making you frustrated and unhappy.

What you are telling the Universe is that you are not happy to get more money because whenever you think about money, you are upset and frustrated! You are building up negative energy around the thought of money!

If you keep thinking about your debt and bills, you will only be more upset and your negative vibes will tell the Universe that you are not happy to receive money!

So what will the Universe be giving you?

Yes, more bills and more debts!

What you need to do right away if you want your life situation to change is to shift your focus and start thinking of ways to make more money instead of thinking about the bills.

Your bills are not going to be paid by some miracle just because you are thinking about it!

So, a better solution would be to change your focus and start thinking about the positive ways in which more money is going to get into your life instead. When you start thinking about the money coming in, you will feel happy and you are in turn telling the Universe that you feel happy thinking about money, not sad.

Now that you know anyone has the power to make use of the Law of Attraction to get what they want, you may be wondering how do you use it in your life?

If you are wondering how does the law of attraction work, here are 3 basic steps that you can start utilizing in your life.

1. Sending your wish to the Universe.

You can send your wish to the Universe. It does not matter whether you are looking for something you have lost or something that you desire. As long as you want to possess it, you can let the Universe know.

However, you have first to be clear what you want to achieve before you tell the Universe and be positive in what you tell the Universe. If you want to be out of debts or have more money to pay your bill, you must ask for more money but not less debt!

Re-word your desires into positive ones instead of negative. Say you want to have more wealth, not less debt.

2. Getting the answer from the Universe.

And that happens at the same moment you wish for something. At the same moment, the Universe has responded to you by giving you the desired thing.

Once you have sent your wish to the Universe, you must have faith and patience to wait for your dreams to come true. If you are doubtful that the Universe can help you, negative thoughts will start to set in and that will hinder your chances of getting your answer from the Universe.

3. Allowing the manifestation of that desired thing in your real life.

You can do that with the help of your high vibration. If you are vibrating low, then you are not allowing that thing to manifest. Instead, you are pushing it away. But, if your vibration is high, it is a matter of time when the desired thing will .

In other words, stay positive and make use of visualization to help you hold the thoughts of your success in your mind. It will also help to practice gratitude daily so that you set your mind to appreciate what you have. This will help to lighten your mood and make you happier, which in turn will help you to achieve your goals faster.

Final Thoughts

So now you can stop wondering how does the law of attraction work! The essence of the LOA process is that you need to spend as much time as you can on the high vibration activities. Things that will put you in a positive mood, so that you attract the positive energy.

One way to stay positive is to use affirmations to encourage yourself to stay motivated. You will need lots of motivation if you want to succeed in life because you have to take inspired actions when opportunities come your way. Without taking actions, you will still not be able to succeed.

Another way is to create a vision board filled with all your dreams and make sure you put this board somewhere near so that you can look at it frequently. This is to constantly remind you of your dreams and desires so you will work hard towards it.

When you are choosing positive thoughts, when you are focusing on the things that are making you feel good, these positive emotions you are vibrating will be high. And when you are vibrating high and positive energy, the Universe awards you with all the things you have wished for.

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