Limiting Beliefs

7 Steps To Eliminate Limiting Beliefs: A Key Step To Practising LOA

How Limiting Beliefs Can Become Your Stumbling Block

“I don’t deserve this”… “I will fail”… Do you have such thoughts sometimes? Well, everyone does. Many people create limiting beliefs in their minds. These barriers are usually made based on some thoughts after comparing yourself to others or failing at something.

But this can become a stumbling block when you are practicing the Law of Attraction because we are what we think. The Law is based on the principle of Likes Attract Likes.

When there are many limiting beliefs that are stuck in our minds, we end up criticizing ourselves too much. This becomes a problem when we think about them all the time and truly believe in them. These bad things that we think about ourselves can start happening and we will feel even worse than before.

Thus, if you really want to start attracting your desires from the Universe, it is time you eliminate your limiting beliefs.

But are you aware of these beliefs that are sabotaging you?

6 Common Limiting Beliefs That Can Destroy You

It is obvious that almost everyone has had some limiting beliefs once. You can’t even imagine how many people are probably going through the same things as you do. You are never alone on this path.

Don’t believe me? Just read these 6 most common limiting beliefs and ask yourself if you’ve had such thoughts…

1. I am not good enough

Many people who are struggling think that they are not enough when their thoughts are all about their crush or ex, about a new job, about an audition for their dream play. Just because they are met with failures, they think they are probably not good enough or that they don’t deserve it.

But most likely, it is your lack of self confidence that is stopping you from approaching that crush or getting that dream job. If you constantly have the beliefs that you are not good enough, people can see your fear. Who knows, you may be the one turning others away because of your lack of self-esteem.

2. This person is so much better than me

Such a thought can come to people’s minds pretty often because everyone compares himself to others. Very often,  people just don’t know how valuable they are and that probably they are the role models for others.

3. It’s too late to change my life

Some people are afraid of getting out of a toxic relationship, or to get a new job, or to get to the university just because they feel like they are not so young anymore. It happens often but you can’t imagine how much happiness you can bring to yourself when you take the first step to make the change.

4. I’m afraid of others’ opinions of me

Sometimes people are afraid to do something if they don’t want to become the talking point. This can happen for the smallest things such as not being willing to change one’s hair or to major ones of being afraid to change their lives.

You may be surprise how much difference it can bring to your life if you would just take that plunge to make that change you’ve wanted to do. Just remember you’re only young once!

5. I will definitely fail

Sometimes people give up before they even try. They don’t participate in some contests, they don’t ask someone to go on a date, they don’t try to get a job in a famous company because they are afraid of rejection.

But how can they know that they will fail if they didn’t try? Most successful people succeed in life because they’ve tried and failed numerous times before they finally achieve that success you see.

6. I will change this habit one day

We all know what we really want to change in our lives. Maybe it is connected with our work or people who surround us. Sometimes it is connected with our features or habits that we want to change, but it’s always hard to make the first step.

A lot of people say they will quit smoking, or find another job, or have this serious conversation with someone tomorrow. But this “tomorrow” can be a synonym to “never”. Just ask yourself, if not now, then when?

7 Ways To Get Rid Of Limiting Beliefs

Every successful person mentions some beliefs that have limited his mind and life earlier. But once he got rid of them, he achieved many goals. It is necessary to eliminate these destructive beliefs, however, it may be not so easy to do.

Here are 7 ways that can definitely help you to believe in yourself and achieve your goals.

1. Find the trigger.

It is important to not only understand what your limiting beliefs are, but actually what trigger them. Try to understand why you have these beliefs. Once you discovered it, it will be easier to control and prevent it from surfacing again.

2. Don’t compare yourself to others.

Many people have profiles on Instagram and they are following some celebrities or are friends with them. Have you wondered why do people on social media always seem to look really happy all the time?

That doesn’t mean that their lives are really that great. They may just be putting up a front. Besides, even if they are really that successful, you have no idea how much they had worked over the years and how many times they had failed to get what they have now.

So the best way to save yourself from all that unhappiness is to stop comparing yourself to others and just be yourself.

3. Find inspiration.

It may be a podcast or an autobiography of someone who had achieved a lot. Think about your favorite celebrities or sportsmen. Many of them have difficult paths. You can read about how they had overcome their limiting beliefs to get to where they are. Who knows, some ideas from their daily lives may help you or just inspire you to believe in yourself!

4. Talk to someone.

Sometimes we just need someone to listen to us or to get a piece of advice from. If you have a reliable friend, just talk to him. He will definitely listen to you and maybe he will make you love and trust yourself more. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to your friends about these things, you can always go to a psychiatrist or even to a law of attraction coach.

5. Understand what you want to change in yourself and do it right now.

Of course, it is necessary to accept yourself. You shouldn’t feel that you have to change everything in your life. But ask yourself: what do you really want to change? What will make you feel more comfortable?

Maybe you want to change the way you look, maybe you want to change your life, or maybe you simply want to go on a vacation and relax from all the negative things? Then just do it. Sometimes we just need to listen to ourselves.

6. Make a list of things that make you proud of yourself.

It may sound stupid or stereotypical but it’s very helpful. People forget how valuable they are pretty often. They forget about things that had made their life worse earlier or they forget how they had overcome those things.

So just take some time to think about it. Write it down and make yourself proud. Don’t forget to mention all the achievements and all the things you love in yourself. It can be something similar to keeping a gratitude journal.

Who knows, your list of achievements may look like a list of a superhero for another person. Do you still think you are not good enough for something?

7. Think about your future achievements.

Find a comfortable, peaceful and quiet place to do some visualization. Visualize your dreams and try to think about them more often. It will help you to stay motivated and become more positive. Remember, when you are positive, you will , so more good things will come to you.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes our own thoughts don’t allow us to go further and get to our dreams. We create limiting beliefs and don’t try something that we know could change our lives. We compare ourselves to others, we think we are not good enough, we are afraid to fail, we don’t trust ourselves and so on.

When you are practicing the Law of Attraction, it is vital that you do not harbor such restriction beliefs in yourself. Keep in mind that the Law works on the rule that likes attract likes.

So is it time to improve your life and destroy the barriers in your head?

Take the first step today and start making the change you want to see in your life!

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